Monday, December 2, 2013

Play-test Update & Beta Release

Completed a 6 hour playtest marathon with a couple of volunteers generous enough to waste a chunk of their holiday weekend.  The great news is that no serious bugs were discovered by any of the testers!  There are some minor things to fix, such as some visual / display errors, incorrect text, and some pricing issues when selling product.  No one experienced any freezing or game-ending problems.

I'll work through the fixes this week and the plan is to have the first beta version released by 11/7.  I'm not sure what platforms it will end up on, but the links will be available on this site when the the beta is ready.  "Growsim" will probably utilize a pre-release offer if anyone wants to buy the full game early and play the full version of the beta and all the updates.  A free demo will be available for the beta and the final game.

Thanks for reading!

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