Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Plant sharing and new screenshots

"Growsim" is close to a beta release, I can feel it in my bones.

All of the features and game-play elements are in place, so it's up to play-testing and tweaking.  A few interesting ones made it into the latest version--a couple of which I didn't think would work!  

I've added a plant sharing system to the game, allowing players to pick any cloned plant in their inventory and generate a text code than can be shared with any other Growsim player.  It's a simple copy and paste of text code; if you receive one, the game will load the code and put a clone of that plant in your storage; if you want to share a plant, the game will generate a code.  

Of course, the curious will have a field day with that one, but that's okay by me.  Since it's just a text code, you can paste into notepad and make changes, if you so wish.  Another interesting idea is to generate codes for some of your favorite or best plants and paste them into a new game to start with something special.

Another feature is the use of 'Unlock Codes'.  Every year completed, the game will award you with a code than can be entered in the options menu to gain a special bonus.  There are 21 codes in the game and codes can be entered at any time, but each code works just once.  If you're dedicated enough to write them down, or find out if someone else did, these codes can be used in a new game to start with extra perks.

Saving and loading games seems to work fine so far.  There is a quick-save button in the game (a one-click save option), auto-save setting, and five custom save games.  Games can be saved and loaded on the fly, making the above-mentioned features useful for trading clones or codes between your own games.  I'm sure the system will need some tweaking to make sure it runs without any serious hiccups.

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