Welcome!  As features are implemented, tested, and verified, I'll add them to this page--including requirements, platforms, and so forth.

v.0198 updated 12/16/13
- added hints appearing at bottom of screen; hints cycle periodically
- tweaked plant growth system; less weight on genetics and more on environment
- added new game codes
- updated game info screen with new details
- created welcome screen for new games
- Web version: confirmed audio issue on Internet Explorer (fine on Firefox, Chrome)
- removed in-game photo system temporarily (unsupported by engine)

v.0097 updated 12/9/13
- fixed several text errors
- fixed bug not showing plant details for clones
- added audio cue to trashing clones
- re-balanced new plant costs; increased starting funds
- re-balanced patient satisfaction limits
- fixed bug with testing plants in storage
- added new game codes and awards
- Mac desktop version in testing

System requirements
- Any system capable of running the Chrome browser should do
- Keyboard and mouse required; no touch controls or mobile version planned
- Screen size will scale to fit using letterbox mode; 1280x768 base resolution
- Space to save screenshots or clone files, if desired

- Desktop version planned for Windows XP+, Mac OS 10.7+, and Linux
- Web version (online or offline), Chrome recommended, supports IE 10+ and Firefox
- Digital distribution only; DRM-free

Game features tested & verified
- Grow 8 plants across 3 rooms (24 plants total)
- Save settings for each plant that automatically apply
- Testing to reveal plant attributes and potency
- Clone plants and share them with anyone 
- Screenshots (save in browser version, view in-game on desktop version)
- Achievement codes, secret codes, and career milestones
- Autosave, Quicksave, and custom save slots

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