Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gameplay Video & New Features

Greetings!  A new video is available from the media page and is also up on my youtube page (links on the right).  In this latest video, I grow a strain from beginning to end, test it, harvest it, and sell it to patients.  The entire process is unedited and displays the configuration options available to players.

A bunch of hours went into play-testing the latest version, and my sincerest thanks to the handful of guys who volunteered their time to test it out.

The latest version includes the following updates:
- fixed a bunch of graphical and text errors
- fixed some bugs in selling to patients without sufficient money
- fixed some bugs regarding identified plant information
- optimized some code to reduce memory usage

Features implemented and tested:
- ability to dispose of unwanted clones to make room for others
- importing saved clones into new or existing games (cross-game sharing)
- added larger quantity buttons when selling products
- added option to give a gift to patients (free product)

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