Monday, December 16, 2013

New Screens & Info


The Features page has been updated to include changes in the latest version.

Some new screenshots are available on the "Growsim Media" page.  After putting them up, I scrolled through the previous images and videos and there's sort of a film reel of the project's evolution on display.  It's probably only something the creator experiences, but it's cool seeing the progression.  If you ever worked on a creative project, or even a work project, and saw it grow from the beginning, then you know what I'm saying... ya feel me.

Now, about the Indiegogo campaign: it's a fundraiser to try and get "Growsim" on Steam Greenlight and other portals, and to do some marketing.  If you aren't familiar with Steam, then just know it's pretty much the biggest online game platform with something like 2+ million people connected at any given time.  There's a developer fee to join up--hence, a fundraiser.

There are some rewards that can't be had otherwise, though.  For $5 you can grab a copy of the game starting with the current beta version and all future versions; for $10, you get the game and the right to name a patient and clinic that can appear in-game; and for $20, you get the previous two perks and the right to create your own strain of marijuana!  You'll get a code to claim a free clone of your plant in the game, too.

If you haven't tried the demo, give it a spin and--at the very least--leave some feedback.  If you're willing to do a review and have some experience or exposure on a channel that does reviews, please let me know and I'll set you up with a copy of the full game.

You can try an online demo or download the demo for free by clicking on the links to the right.  There is a Chrome Webstore version available also.


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