Monday, November 4, 2013

New screens, big changes

Greetings.  A lot of work was done the last week or two on 'Growsim' and it's looking a ton better and the engine seems to be functioning as expected--barring tweaks for balancing.  I'm hoping to get a couple play-testers to give it a spin this week, so revisions will be forthcoming.

So what works?  You can choose different types of plants, each with randomly-generated statistics and preferences.  More expensive seeds have a higher THC level, but may have varying stats such as preferred climate, humidity, average size, and life-cycle.  There are literally thousands of possibilities when all the factors are considered.  Also, you can clone any plant that is growing into a sapling, so those interesting strains--or the ones you haven't been able to maximize--can continue on.

That's the biggest concept so far: figuring out how each plant grows, what it needs, and then working to setup the best environment possible for it.  Plants grow and flower; when you're ready, you can harvest the plant and let it dry.  Once dry, plants can be sold to patients or care centers to help pay the bills--or buy that next tier of seed.  Oh, and lest I forget, the custom seed designer works!  You can create your own strain of marijuana by selecting several options with varying price tags.

Here are some screens from the latest version:

The new grow room showing empty plants...

When you start a new plant, there are many options...

Each plant can be configured independently...

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