Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Planned Features and support

Greetings!  First, I need to get it out of the way: if this game looks interesting to you, or if you like simulations, I'd appreciate any support (not cash, per se) in the form of comments, promotion, or just visiting the site, watching videos, or checking the IndieDB site (image below).  I'm planning on putting up the game on Steam Greenlight, Desura, and other download sites so having interested parties always helps.  I'm not begging, just saying: go check it out sometime!

Also, feel free to offer ideas, suggestions, and other feedback as I find it important to listen to what people think about something they'll be playing.

There are a few features I have planned that could be intriguing.  I'm not planning any type of social or multi-player networked stuff--not easy to do with programming and a whole 'nother set of headaches.  In lieu of that, I'm hoping to include some things for sharing.

One idea is to have an export button on any plant that the player has tested and knows the details (THC levels, climate, etc).  The export would generate a file that any other user of 'Growsim' could load into their game as a cloned plant.  I'd probably need some sort of hub to allow people to upload files, but I'm not too worried about that as a simple public dropbox link would suffice.

Simple features include screenshots, so players can share a unique strain or interesting plant they've cultivated, and hotkey saving/loading to not interrupt play time.

A new feature added recently is the Seed Designer.  By choosing this option with a new plant, you can pay to have a seed tailored to your desires--for a steep price.  You can choose THC level, plant size, life-cycle, climate, and humidity.  This goes with the standard seed choices and clones, offering even more flexibility and customization.

Also added recently is the ability to customize the environment for each individual plant.  I initially setup the game in 'rooms' which had their own environment, but allowing an unlimited number of rooms became very unwieldy at later stages.  Each room can have 8 plants, so 5 rooms means managing 40 plants!  During testing, even managing 3 or 4 rooms was burdensome.  I decided to go with 3 rooms, 8 plants per room, and the player can pay to expand into each room, starting with just 1.

More features are coming, along with screens and videos--stay tuned.


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