Sunday, October 13, 2013

New screens and features

This week, "Growsim" saw the implementation of key grow room features.  There's a lot of balancing and tweaking to do, but the system enabling plants to respond to the environment, grow, and flower is now working.

Every single element of the environment is calculated to determine a plant's overall health.  As it grows the plant track changes and respond accordingly--everything is calculated in real-time as the game runs.  A new feature added this week is the feeding system.  You can set the type of nutrients used and whether or not you want to set an "auto" feeding cycle, allowing the simulation to feed plant without manual input on a set schedule of days.

The strain system now works, too.  When plants reach the 'flowering' stage, you can elect to pay for a test to know what strain of plant it is, how much THC is in the plant, and information regarding it's average size, growth rate, and preferred temperature and humidity.  The strain images appear in flowering stage, showing players a colorful image of what the budding flowers look like.

The goal is to have a working, playable alpha version by the end of October.  At which point, the game will need play-testers.  If that's something of interest to you, drop me a line and I'll pick a few people to test the game (and get free demo versions).

Here are some new screen shots (also added to the 'Media' page).

The first image shows the new grow room along with a couple of plants growing and the information available during growth.  The second image shows a strain that has been tested and identified.

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