Friday, July 25, 2014

Hows about this idea?

First of all, I'm flabbergasted that Growsim is making into the top 1000 on IndieDB--I think it even hit 300ish at one point.  Seriously?  You guys are bad-ass.

Secondly, I think I'm going to build a whole new Growsim from the ground up and use as much original content as possible.

So here's my thoughts (and wishlist) if you wanna get in on the action:

I need graphics.  Lots o' graphics.  Pictures of seeds, saplings, plants, buckets, medium, nutrients, watering devices, lights, and all sorts of grow-related stuff.

In return, I'll include you in the credits (make sure you note how you want to your name to appear) and I'll send you the cheat sheet for the new version when it's done (which means I'll need your e-mail, too).

I DO NOT have any sort of time-table for this project; I could bore you with all the madness I have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, but suffice to say that I can only dedicate a wee bit o' time to Growsim out of my schedule.  However, I will get it done--barring the apocalypse, of course.

What do you peoples think?  Any interest?

* Side-note: if you're interested in stories (the thinks you read) and such, visit my site here to check out all my published work and download some free tales.

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